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Cheap Gas? or not? throughout Washtenaw County

If you are a Realtor like myself, or in any profession, you are aware that gas prices are over the top of the roof. I mean really ? Where is the outrage ?

Here is a link to find the lowest price gas prices in Washtenaw County. There is not a lot of difference but some and every 10 cents can help.

If you are driving around, looking at houses for sale in the Ann Arbor Area, start your home search here and save that gas money. You can save homes to your favorites, with Google Maps, Google Satellite Images and Multiple Photos.

Yesterday, my daughter and I went and video taped a home for an out of town buyer. We blogged on it on my other blog, BlogAnnArbor. If you want care to see it.

Ask yourself, is my Realtor doing that for me ?

Are you stuck looking at the 8-10 photos on a web site?

*** We would love to be able to serve your realty needs in Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas of Saline, Dexter, Chelsea, Milan, Ypsilanti.***

6 thoughts on “Cheap Gas? or not? throughout Washtenaw County

  1. Honestly, that’s mighty great of you!

    A lot of people wouldn’t do that for their “prospective” clients…heck, a lot of people wouldn’t do that for their “clients.”

    Happy Sunday 😀

  2. I overheard an Agent on the line once say: “I can’t show you around unless you’re ready to make an offer. Call me when you’re serious” [Hangs up the phone and exhales a deep sigh] “Ugh…what a waste of my time!”

    I mean sure I get it, when you’re busy, you have to manage your time appropriately but…isn’t there a better way to handle it?

  3. Yes I totally agree with taking videos. With today world of communications seeing just few photos of real estate is just not enough. So please please do videos, that I think will increase the chance for sale.


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