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4 Days and Counting…Ann Arbor Art Fairs 2008

The Ann Arbor Art Fairs are set to begin on Wednesday, July 16th and run through Saturday, July19th.  Did you notice the S at the end of fairs?

That is because it is actually 4 Art Fairs and they all merge in Ann Arbor the second week in July.

Ann Arbor Street Art Fair

Ann Arbor Art Fair Poster for 2008Ann Arbor State Street Art Fair

Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair the guild

Ann Arbor South

University Art Fair

Regardless over  500,000 will converge in Ann Arbor starting Wednesday. Shuttle buses will leave from Briarwood Mall and Pioneer High School for the 4 days and  I highly recommend using them. It is FREE for children 7 and under and $1.50 for over 7 each way. Parking is hard unless you live here and manage to find a parking space in a neighborhood tucked away.

We arrived in Ann Arbor on the Saturday night following the art fair, 26 years ago. What a surprise !

Now it is part of a tradition to attend the Ann Arbor Art Fairs. Ann Arbor Street Art Fair Poster

Click on the different Art Fairs above to find out what spectacular arts are coming to Ann Arbor and more about each art fair.  See ya there !

Art Fair Map


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