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Ann Arbor # 1 for Retirement and Healthy Living

AARP Magazine LogoAnn Arbor was just named the Number 1 City to retire in for healthy living. Everyone wants to be healthy and everyone will eventually retire. Sounds good to me !

AARP worked with Bert Sperlings Best Places, they looked at hundreds of cities throughout the United States for the 20 measures of vitality. They looked at both the physical aspects of the communities like air and water but also at the health and habits of those who lived there.

corn from ann arbor farmers marketJust a few of the 30 criteria, they looked at were: Life expectancy, Healthy eating score (how many fruits, vegetables, and whole grains did average resident consume, Hospital beds per capital and number of fast food restaurants. You can read the entire list of the 30 criteria used by AARP magazine here.

Ann Arbor is a college town and home to the University of Michigan Medical Complexes, with over 580 physicians per 100,000 people. 86% of the residents in Ann Arbor get regular exercise. The U of M hospitals is one of the largest university medical centers in the world and is a hot bed of innovation, according to the article in AARP Magazine. University of Michigan Medical Complexes

Ann Arbor has over 150 parks, with Nichols Arboretum 123 Acres, in the heart of the city, and over a mile of Huron River frontage. I had just written a post on Ann Arbor being 24 miles surrounded by reality, which included both the U of M medical complexes and Nichols Arboretum.

I was actually surprised, because of the weather in Ann Arbor, but few southern towns made the list. Naples Florida, Santa Fe, NM, and Honolulu, Hawaii made the list for warmer climates. Seems like all that good Southern cooking, which I love just isn’t great for healthy living.

Yes, I work out at least 5 days per week, but I sure do love those homemade bisquits and milk gravy when I visit my family and friends down south.

Thinking of retirement?

Want to live in AARP’s Number 1 Spot to retire for healthy living?

Call the Missy Caulk TEAM 734-216-2822 or begin your home search here.

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3 thoughts on “Ann Arbor # 1 for Retirement and Healthy Living

  1. “Spam protection: Sum of 2 + 4 ?”
    That’s a tough one……what do you think, I was on the math team in high school?…..wait, I was, haha.

    OK, I’m sold. I am ready to retire. If I could just convince Jon that I am entitled to that 80 year severance package…..


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