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Saline High School Football

I love high school and college sports, that’s not a shocker.

Saline Hornet LOGOSaline High School football is one of my favorite sports. Still trying to figure what player I will adopt this year as my own kids will be nowhere on the field.

Of course it goes without saying how much I love the Michigan Wolverines, just look at my page. I can’t wait, opening day is next Saturday, 7 days and counting. Of course everyone is anxiously awaiting kick-off with the new coach, Rich Rodriques.

August 29th is the Big Prep Day Opening at EMU, where Saline plays Ann Arbor Pioneer. Click the link for more information.

Go HornetsThe rest of the local schedule for the Saline Hornets is:

September 5th Bedford High School   Away

September 12 Chelsea High School  Home

September 19 Dexter High School    Away

September 26 Tecumseh                Homecoming.

October 3rd Lincoln                    Away

October 10th Milford                     Away

October 17th Adrian                     Home

October 25th Ann Arbor Huron     Away

Directions to the away games can be found here.

This is intersting in light of all the posts on Video being the next big thing, or already here. You can now watch on the Saline Hornet web site, videos for all the games.

The Saline Hornet Football team has it’s own web site, where you can find more information on the team roosters, history and photos. 

Saline team last year at Lincoln

5 thoughts on “Saline High School Football

  1. Hi Missy:

    Football is definitely in the air this week. Freshman and JV kick off Thursday, and I’m looking forward to both Pioneer Vs. Saline Friday, and U of M on Saturday.

    My color is Purple. My son played 3 years at Pioneer, and although he chose not to play this year, I still look forward to it. High school football is so pure that nothing compares to it.

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