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Are you around after the “sale”?

Do your clients become friends?Many times after we close a home with a client in Ann Arbor or Saline, we go through a sense of mourning. Why? We miss them.  You spend months helping them find a home to buy, talk on the phone daily, and are involved in a relationship.

Then comes the big day, you go to closing. Their house sells, or a new home becomes theirs.

The End……………………………or should it be?

After that things can get quiet, life goes on, you get involved with new clients and they meet local friends and get involved with new relationships,and schools.

Last night, I had the opportunity to connect with a past client of mine from Saline. She emailed me and needed comparable properties sold in her neighborhood and in Saline.

She was refinancing her home and the appraisal came in lower than she had expected it would. So I went to the MLS and sent her what I believed were good comparable sold homes in Saline with acres, and over 3000 S. F.We sent a multitude of email back and forth.

She sent me the homes the “out of area” appraiser used in evaluation. Only one house was truly comparable. So today armed with 8 other sold homes in Saline she is going to fight with her lender for a higher value.

It was nice to reconnect and be able to help her out.

Do you feel you can call your Realtor for help after the sale ?

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