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Blogging Seminar at Keller Williams

My new signs

Image by missycaulk via Flickr

Keller Williams in Ann Arbor, ( my real estate office) will be holding a FREE Blogging Seminar on Friday, October 24th, from 10 AM to 12 AM.

Bob Stewart from Activerain Network, in Seattle, Washington will be the guest speaker.

Bob is a Community Builder at the Activerain Network, but would rather be called an evangelist, as he loves his job so much. Bob will be teaching on Search Engine Optimization for your blogs, hyper-local blogging and how to engage your readers.

Missy Caulk, that would  be me, will be teaching on how to start a blog, the FREE blogging platforms to use, the results of blogging for almost 2 years in my business.

Activerain is a Real Estate, Social Network with over 115,000 Realtors, Lenders, Home Stagers, Brokers, Feng Shui Consultants, Title Companies, Technology companies, participating in this free on-line blogging platform.

“Blogging has enhanced my career, beyond my wildest comprehension”, come and learn how to grow your business through blogging.

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10 thoughts on “Blogging Seminar at Keller Williams

  1. Missy, you are sooooo blessed to be having Active Bob make an appearance – I’m envious! I had the opportunity to meet him last year in Atlanta and he is great. Spreading the joyful news about blogging is great fun, I think we added 4 really active and about 15 dipping their toes into it members to Active Rain when we held an intro to blogging session a few months ago at our board.

  2. Mary, well I have found that most people never really get started, but if they do that is fine. There are so many area’s around Ann Arbor that are open territories.

    Wayne, thanks it was fun.

  3. Missy,
    I love your new signs. You have caught on to the concept of branding “yourself” rather than Keller Williams. Agents for years have just gone along with branding their company. I have a big “Z” on my signs and like you the Coldwell Banker Logo is much smaller. After about 1 year of this, the president of my company calls and says the signs have to be taken down. They said it is against franchise policy and the Coldwell Banker Name and Logo has to be a certain size and the dominant name on the sign. So now back to the drawing board unless of course I just leave Coldwell Banker and join Keller Williams. Food for thought.

  4. Mark, all franchise’s have rules, but Keller Williams is very agent centric, which means they focus more on the agent than the company name.

    I used the correct colors and the logo, just did it smaller. KW has no rule on size and our name can be dominate.

  5. Missy, you got me thinking. Keller Williams may be the way to go. You would think companies would start to wake up and realize that agents are trying to brand themselves to make more money, which in turn will make the company more money. Not a hard concept. Talk to you soon.

  6. Not sure some of the dinosaurs see it that way. But, you would think in a slower market they would.

    Truth be told, MarkZ, not all agents are rainmakers and depend on their firms to bring in the leads. For those of us that know how to bring in the business……….well enough said.


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