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Testing Radon in your Ann Arbor or Washtenaw County Home

Radon is a quiet, poison gas that comes from the Uranium in the soil, rocks or water. It is either in the ground under your home or not. When we are working with a buyer client we always encourage them to have a Radon Test before they purchase their new home or condo.

The test runs only about $145.00 to $200.00 and is run for 48 hours in a undisturbed location, usually the basement. Proper testing is required to insure proper results. The Radon Test is done for 48 hours so that it can average out the amount of Radon gas in the air. Like any gas it fluctuates.

Should you home be higher than 4C1/L a Radon Mitigation system can be added to your basement that expells the radon and brings it down to between 0-2C1/L which is acceptable according to the EPA.

Most of the radon gets in through the sump pumps in basements in Michigan, cracks in the floors, gaps around service pipes, the water supply.


Washtenaw County is in Zone 5 in the Michigan. For more information go to the State of Michigan Information on Radon Gas.

When buying a home in Ann Arbor, Saline or anywhere in Washtenaw County make sure you check for Radon in your home.

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