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Launching a new

I just released a new website. It was a tough decision as I had been with my previous vendor since 1999. But,  I wanted to be able to cover neighborhoods in and around Ann Arbor. neighborhoods

Way back when………..before the internet had come so far, we used our names for the web-site titles. ugh….I WOULD NEVER  do that now but because of the years building that brand.

I’ve had a few people ask me why I didn’t just keep this blog and forget a separate website. My personal opinion is that most people looking for anything on Real Estate want to see listings.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am fortunate to have this little blog and Ann Arbor Real Estate Talk bring me lots of business.  After reading for a while trust is established and clients pick up their phone and ask me to list their home or help them buy a house.

Sellers like to see their homes getting tons of exposure so I like to have consumers find them in one place and not have to dig deep within all the pages of a blog.

To read more on the features visit or go tell me what you think. I will be adding neighborhoods and Condo communities on a consistent basis so eventually people looking to purchase  will be able to get a great overview of each subdivision around Ann Arbor and Saline.

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Stop back next week, I have two new awesome listings coming on the market. One in Saline with almost 3 Ac and one totally renovated home in Depot Town.

3 thoughts on “Launching a new

  1. Hello Missy,
    Congrats! I think you’ve done a great job and you are right on about building trust through your blogging. Sharing your local knowledge is going to make people what to pick your brain and have you help them pick a house.

  2. i so much like your site, i will live in the uk but still this site has been useful to me, i have learned so much frrom it, well I moved in a new neighborhood, i was searching for property to let in central london for quite some time and i accidentally found this amazing website no agents 24 with loads and loads of information about tips for tenants, tips for moving, hips. I really like my new house. i went out for some fresh air today early morning, although i am generally not the morning person type but i have to admit i really enjoyed it.


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