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Zillow Sues Trulia Over Zestimates

Zillow sues Trulia over zestimates…really?

I really don’t like to get into conflict, but this struck me as funny. Why? Every Ann Arbor Area Realtor has known for years that the zestimates are not accurate. They pull from the tax data, and well…it is just not a true representation of how much the house in your Ann Arbor or Washtenaw County neighborhood is worth.

We get calls, and or emails from potential buyers inquiring about a house they have seen on both Trulia and Zillow? Nine x’s out of  it has SOLD. How frustrating for the buyer’s to find a house they really, really like and it is SOLD.

We use the opportunity to teach them that Trulia and Zillow are agent driven or brokerage driven. This means it is up to the Broker or the Listing Agent to give them the data.

Who do you think is suppose to take the house that has SOLD down off Trulia and Zillow?

The Broker or Agent

In the process of educating Ann Arbor buyers how to search for their Ann Arbor home online, we send them to our web site which is a direct MLS raw data feed so the data is accurate. When a home is SOLD it goes out of the website automatically when it goes out of the MLS. (multiple listing service)

Good Data=Happy Buyers and Sellers

Here is a funny video done by a colleague of mine in Minneapolis, Danny Dietl on the Zillow/Trulia feud. Danny is far funny funnier than I can ever be, so enjoy !

Zillow started with zestimates, Trulia started with Trulia Voices…so what’s the beef?  They both have both now?

Bottom line, use a local Realtor that knows Ann Arbor and Washtenaw. GO BLUE!

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